IWANTBAGS (IWB) will gladly sell your authentic designer handbags & accessories at our showroom and online through our website. Please read this agreement carefully to ensure a long & happy relationship.

Item(s) Criteria :
·         Authentic high-end designer brands ie : Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga etc.
·         Gently used to like new condition without significant defects.

Upon receipt, IWB will be responsible for the listing, promotion, care & customer service associated with selling your items, including authentication, market price evaluation, photography, descriptions, E-mail promotions, customer communication, secure packaging & shipping for your property. We will take all necessary steps to sell your item quickly and for the best price possible.

Once item is sold & received by the buyer and the transaction is complete, payments will be made through bank transfer into your local bank account.
Alternatively, cheque can be issued.
Payment is usually made within 7 business days upon completion of transaction.

Selling options
IWB will sell your authentic high-end designer items in return for a minimal commission after the item has sold. We cover all sale transaction expenses such as credit card fees or any admin, shipping & advertising fees, if applicable. The consignee and IWB will mutually agree to a payout price & price will be marked up accordingly.

Consignment Terms & Item Pricing
Each item is listed for sale on our website for a minimum of two (2) months :
·         Initial price is determined according to purchase price as well market value and will depends on the condition & model of the item as well, high demand items may fetch a higher resale value.
·         The consignor & IWB must mutually agree to the initial listing price prior to acceptance of item.
·         After sixty (60) days, IWB can return your item as per your request.

You may contact us at any time to discuss pricing options such as deeper discounts for a faster sale.

Consignment Cancellation
Due to the expenses, work and time invested, there is a RM50 cancellation fee for each item you want returned before it has been listed for sale for at least 60 days. If your item has not sold within the 60 days term, you may request for us to return the item to you at no charge or allow it to remain for sale for an additional period of time. IWB reserves the right to return the items after the initial 60days.

Although we take every precaution to protect your items against loss or damage while they are in our care, IWB is not responsible in the event of theft, fire, or act of nature while in our possession. Our showroom is covered by insurance and we will file an insurance claim with our insurance company to recover damages for your loss, but we cannot guarantee that you will recover any monies in full for your lost or damaged item.

We take extra care in researching the authenticity of each item. Any item that cannot be authenticated with complete confidence will be politely refused. We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet out criteria & it will be returned to you. In the unlikely possibility that your item is found to be a replica after its sale, the consignor is responsible to refund the payment made & the bag will be returned.
We are not responsible for any item lost or damaged during shipment to us. Please ensure that your items are securely packed and ship with a tracking number & signature upon delivery.

If you have any questions, please contact us :
I Want Bags
F29, 1st Floor, Centrepoint Bandar Utama
Lebuh Bandar Utama
47800 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel/Whatsapp : 012-3924463

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